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RE-ADVERTISEMENT Professor with specific responsibilities in Rehabilitation and Occupational Science

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RE-ADVERTISEMENT Professor with specific responsibilities in Rehabilitation and Occupational Science

The Research Unit of Rehabilitation at the Department of Rehabilitation and at the Department of Clinical Research, SDU, invites applications for a position as professor with specific responsibilities in Rehabilitation and Occupational Science to be filled as soon as possible. The appointment will run  for a period of 5 years with possibility of prolongation for additionally 3 years.

Current research lines of the Research Unit of Rehabilitation include investigation of functioning and disability in individuals with rehabilitation needs in an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral setting. The Research Unit for Rehabilitation supports OUH's highly specialized practice in areas where rehabilitation research will enhance this practice.

The successful applicant will be expected to have a research profile and achieved results in clinical research in rehabilitation and occupational science, as the position is expected to target research within these areas of knowledge. The position is being established to develop and evidence-base interdisciplinary healthcare practice.

The applicants must have experience with establishing research environments and activities related to academic research environments.

The successful candidate will be expected to have:

• a PhD degree in Health Science
• research experience documented by international peer-reviewed journal articles within the fields of Rehabilitation and Occupational Science
• a documented record of teaching experience and teaching skills
• documented strong methodological skills and competences in research

Further information can be obtained from the Head of the Research Unit, associate professor Lisbeth Rosenbek Minet, mobile +45 2578 2465, e-mail Lisbeth.minet@rsyd.dk or the Head of the Department of Rehabilitation, Chief Consultant Anne Lise Zilmer, telephone +45 2163 0186, email anne.lise.zilmer@rsyd.dk

See the full job advertisement, from which applications must be sent online: 


Application deadline: March 3, 2019


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